Unified Field Theory - the merger of science, religion, and alchemy

All is one and one is all. Bose-Einstein Condensate = God.

The microcosm (human) and the macrocosm (cosmos)

Prana, Ki, Chi, Bio-energy, The Holy Spirit.

Love God as number one. The scientific definition of God. Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Love thy neighbor as thy self. When you look at something it is inside of you, in your mind. It is, therefore, part of you. If you love who you are then you must also love what you think, see, and do. Loving your neighbor is loving yourself as it is all in your mind anyway. To have mean thoughts in your mind is to be mean and hurtful to yourself so you are only hurting yourself in the process. You are in fact preventing a connection with another.

Our Father who Art in Heaven (heaven is a state of mind, from knowledge comes enlightenment, an understanding of who God is, the Holy Spirit and the Son (Jesus Christ). The role of the cross which is used in this day and age as a mathematical tool, a graph of (x,y,z) in the three-dimensional reality.

Hallow be thy name (God's name is sacred). There is only one of everything so there is only one God. To see God is to have a vision of his mastery. God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God. To understand how God works is to understand Gods power and his immortality that has no end. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning (when all is one) and the singularity event. Bose-Einstein Condensate and the Black Hole Event Horizon. The Bible is a Physics Text with morals and ethics. Most science today has lost sight of morals and ethics due to the need to make economic gains. They lost sight of their own humanity, their own biology, their own divinity, their own immortality as we are made of electrons which cannot be destroyed nor created. Therefore the cosmos is 13.8 billion light years old and despite not being able to remember it all, we can learn about it and understand how it works through scientific endeavor in order to become part of it and share in its wonder. That means my electrons that cannot be destroyed nor created are also 13.8 billion light years old. I am part of God's creation. Therefore I was part of the Bose-Einstein Condensate and therefore like Jesus. I have cheated death by understanding my own immortality with respect to the point of view of my electrons and also my understanding of how to live life in an appropriate way as taught in the Bible. I do regenerative medicine so I chose to live using those principles which activate the energy in my body. I have indeed found the pill of immortality, access to the Holy Spirit within. I can baptize with the Holy water of fire.

Thy Kingdom come. Gods Kingdom is Heaven where peace reigns, where people wake up and stand up in unity, where love prevails, where death is destroyed. This is the search for the immortal pill. The quest for human immortality. Who shall enter the Kingdom of God, shall go through those Gates, thread the eye of the needle? Quantum tunneling is a modern-day physics example of threading the eye of the needle. They will form both the wet path and the dry path (hydride) and quantumly tunnel into the nucleus to be surrounded by positivity. To become centered and become confined in the center.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven is a state of heightened spiritual awareness, nirvana, bless. Heaven is in your mind. Your mind determines your actions. Your subconscious mind has the power to control your actions. Fight or flight is the underpinning rapid response that is part of the old reptilian mind. You need to activate your pineal gland, the third eye, in order to enter heaven to become one with your Lord. The death one experiences during spiritual enlightenment are obtained when one enters the center of the cross. You place yourself on the cross and become the position 0,0,0. Holy Holy Holy.

When you take in the blood and body of Jesus Christ you are what you eat. Jesus is filling your holy spirit, he is recharging your eternal light. His position on the cross. At the center of the Universe, his sacrifice as a lamb is what he is asking from you also. You need to walk in his footsteps in order to show mercy, your ego needs to die for your mind to become open. The selfishness that pervades all of humanity is overwhelming. Put others before you. Win by coming last.

Your ideas, your thoughts, your goals, aspirations and feelings, emotions, knowledge, your whole being is experienced in your mind. The fact that science does not understand how the mind works. If they did people would not get a mental illness, dementia, Alzheimer's and all other neurological conditions.

I believe we already have all the answers we just need to step back and look at these in an open and honest appraisal. Your mind controls your body. Your mind tells you what to do. If you have Heaven in your mind then Heaven will be what the world will become. Everyone is looking for something.

Give us this day our daily bread. The bread is the body of Jesus Christ. Our savior. Let us not go hungry nor thirsty basic human needs must be met otherwise people start to despair. We have enough food on this planet to feed us all and yet through our own inaction we cannot seem to get it right and people have decided to have more than they need rather than just enough. So we have both obesity and starvation on a planet. No wonder our planet is blue from outer space. We have lost sight of the true meaning of life. The Loving gift.

Forgive us our trespasses. We do wrong to people we need to say sorry.

As we forgive those who have trespassed against us. We need to accept their forgiveness and move forward.

Leed us not into temptation. The world is full of tempting things. Instant gratification is easily obtained. But good things take time.

Deliver us from evil. Evil is those who wish to do you harm. The number of the devil is 666. My psychiatrist Dr Sarah Romans told me not to let the beast out. I assumed she meant this. I gave this come consideration but my understanding is that the number of the east relates to carbon. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. If we believe in the material world of carbon then we will act like a beast, however, if we see the light and understand the number of electrons in carbon is 42 then we have the meaning of life and the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy. Why did they choose this number? Well, they had already worked this out but did not convey how or why as far as I am aware.

Thy is the Kingdom, power, and Glory. God descended from Heaven in the form of flesh, Jesus Christ. The people are now the body of Christ. We need to fulfill Christ's work on this planet by doing good deeds. By delivering to others what they need. By being positive and lifting people up you can become fulfilled with Gods Holy Spirit.

Forever and forever Amen. Gods world has no end. The universe will continue unabated. We shift to a higher frequency.


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