We need to change our philosophy not climate

Climate change. Why are we waiting to do something about it? Do we think increased CO2 levels will benefit plant growth, elevated temperatures will make enzymes go faster and more moisture in the air will increase crop production? If so let's get planting those billion trees. Why is the government who owns 52% of Air New Zealand supporting more flights and more tourism and traveling to overseas conferences on climate change? It is because they do not know what to do they are normal people feeling overwhelmed. They do not see a future in their minds. One of love and peace on earth or if they do they are finding it hard to implement this because that threatens the powers that be and their own preservation is more important than their children's futures. If they understood what was needed they could do that but everyone has competing interests and they are trying to balance these and stay independent, however, you can only be independent by removing yourself out of the system because you cannot see the wood for the trees. Burn it all down to the ground and start again or God will do that for us during the polar reversal. Evolve now or have evolution at the speed of light transforms us. 25% of the world oxygen is produced in the sea and we are increasing the sea level by 4-6m, so we should be able to offset CO2 by increasing ocean surface area, which will produce more oxygen. We appear to be running out of the land to grow food on so we have decided to build several plastic islands in the middle of the ocean, great plan, NOT! Why are we heading down this path of self-destruction? Do we hate ourselves? Have we lost sight of the greater good of humanity in order to gratify ourselves? Why not try loving yourself, as you are amazing. How many electrons does a human being contain? How many more do you want to control? You know its all in your mind right? If it is inside of you then it is part of you. You know your electrons are 13.8 billion light years old, the age of the universe. Thermodynamics says that matter cannot be destroyed nor created. So how many lives have you already lived? How many plants and animals have you previously been? So we were all here before the big bang. Right? Problem is, we can only see the contrast of electrons with our own electrons. Our eyes can only see at 50 Hz from 350-800 nm. Such a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. As there was no contrast before the big bang and as all matter must have been present before the big bang, there must have been only one harmonic frequency at absolute zero. Super cool, only helium (4/2) is in a liquid state at this temperature. I call this my God (0,0,0) on the matrix mathematics coordinates of (x,y,z). The right hand of the father is the harmonic frequency of hydrogen (1,1,0). One proton, one electron, and no neutrons. Equal and opposite at the plank length, the diameter of an electron (10^-35 meter, the Plank length). Electrons traveling at the speed of light (299,792.458 km/s), caught in its own reflection. A mirror image of the colloidal universe (100,000 km in diameter (3 Hz). If that is the case then it was also super hot which is the background electromagnetic radiation and massive expansion of the universe at the speed of light. Interestingly, the conception of a living being occurs when hydrogen bonds form between the sperm ssDNA and the egg ssDNA to form the double helix of life which to me looks more like a right-handed electromagnetic wave and not matter at all. Religion says Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father. The cross to me is the junction of electromagnetic radiation. Light being colloidal, making the bubble, light of your mind. It only matters when you interact with it and it becomes matter, because that is how your mind works. But we know that it is actually just electrons, which are trapped photons, Right? The problem with Einstein was he couldn't take himself out of the observation as he failed to see the limitations of his own biological sensors in the act of perception and thought. We are back to front, inside out and upside down. Everything is stationary, there is only now. Time is merely a perception of the conscious mind which is slow in comparison to the subconscious mind. That is because everything is already traveling at the speed of light, everything is relative to each other, in your subconscious mind the tardis is small on the outside but massive on the inside. Be mindful and kind to each other, we live on this planet together. Help one and all realize the potential of a shared future. As you know we have come from the same place and that is where we are heading back to. You better love this planet as it is the only one we have that is habitable. The faster we progress to this point, the faster we can share in the bounty that exists on this planet. Why do we keep fighting ourselves? Guess what. If you love it, you leave it alone and let it be what it wants. Adults need to take a chill pill and go stand in the naughty corner because adults are certainly making a mess of this beautiful planet. Children are the Future! Stand up for your rights!! Before there is no turning back and we have caused massive loss of life on this planet. Make your light shine on this planet.


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