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scaring versus regeneration

The wound healing cascade leads to scaring unless the regeneration biochemistry can be initiated. Then healing can be induced to create tissue that is functionally more identical to the initial skin that was present before wounding.

Several of the products that I investigated to enhance the wound healing process target blood vessel formation as this was seen as a way to promote faster healing and people with non-healing wounds had problems with vascularisation. The grapefruit (GFX) was shown to have good angiogenesis stimulating properties as well as beta B2 crystallin peptide GAP573 that modulated wound healing through preventing cell to cell communication and therefore increased cell migration and proliferation. It also stopped inflammatory cells from migrating out of the blood vessels and into the surrounding tissue. Other wound healing modulating compounds included NAEs and pain reduction and gelling agents which provides healing through maintaining a moist wound healing environment. I also developed the ECM wound healing scaffold for Mesynthes (now Aora) and have a range of organo-gels including TGM, Magnate and Magnashield that have been developed to facilitate the pain-free healing of topical wounds and burns. They form an external barrier like the stratum corneum when applied to the wound. Being water-free, surfactant-free, perservative-free creates an environment that favours healing without any stinging sensation due to membrane disruption compounds or conductivity adjusting compounds.

Compliance to wound dressing changes is improved as the patient is no longer dreading dressing changes because no pain is felt. Adherence of other materials to the wound does not occur as the organo-gel provides a natural barrier function.

We have extended the benefits of wound care with organo-gels by combining the regenerative benefits of photon capture and the topical regenerative energy producing products as well as the safety protecting benefits of regenerate sunscreen to surrounding skin around the wound to prevent burning of tissue. The wound is then treated with high energy photons to put more energy into the wound environment facilitating rapid healing. Photon capture and the transformation of photons into matter based on the fields within the body to regenerate the appropriate tissue at the appropriate location. I believe the body knows what it is doing with respect to all the biochemical pathways that are operating at all the time. How this works relates to the quantum evolution of the matter in that environment. We do not need to intervene with the growth of the fetus to go from the fertilization of a single egg and sperm to a human being containing 100 trillion cells. The regenerative process works. The more we think we understand it the more the water slips through our fingers.

Once you learn how energy cascades work then using matter to control other forms of matter is a very poor way of getting the outcome you want. It is far more successful to use higher forms of energy to then cascade down-hill to generate the structures required in the given microenvironment. In other words, we need to use the biological cascades of energy that occur naturally in the body based on the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to correct any disease due to loss of appropriate structure and vibrational energy in the field.  


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