OH BEE HAVE benefits include reducing hay fever, pain relief, accelerated wound healing, relieves headaches, sore throats, muscle aches and pains, period cramps, inflammatory conditions, improved mental clarity by providing healing energy.

Benefits: Provides pain relief through the addition of energy.

What benefit will I get from it? Provides additional energy to help the body heal rapidly.

​What does it feel like? A subtle calming effect but with an energized feel.

​What is it? The active ingredient isolated from Manuka honey.

​When should I use it? When you want more energy and reduce the feeling of pain in your body.

​How does it work? It produces revitalizing energy in your body

How was it discovered? Through many years of scientific research.

Why use it topically? It has been shown to work when applied to the skin to quickly relieve pain. 

How often should I use it? Daily

​How long does it last for? 3-6 hours

Why is it safe to use? Manuka honey has a long history of beneficial use.

Who should use it? People wanting to harness the healing energy of Manuka honey.


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